Black Soldier Fly Bioconversion Research

"While using Black Soldier Fly larvae to convert food waste into other products seems very futuristic, many large industrial companies around the world are focused on using insects to convert significant amounts of food waste or other biomass into food useable by other animals or humans."

- Dr. Brian Roe, Department of Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics, Lead


Research in the Department of Entomology

"Our work also involves educating growers and extension agents on how to implement integrated pest management in fruit and vegetable crops both on commercial farms and at home gardens and providing timely information on pests as the season progresses. Our research includes evaluating insect monitoring techniques, assessing the relationship between pest population levels and timing of control applications, and manipulating chemical and cultural practices to enhance the impact of natural enemies."

- Dr. Celeste Welty, Department of Entomology, Lead


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