Waterman Outreach and The Ohio STEM Learning Network Food Security Design Challenge

Feb. 15, 2019

The Waterman Agricultural and Natural Resources Laboratory takes pride in reaching out to our youth to provide education spanning a multitude of subjects and their connection to agriculture.  To help kick-off the Metro Institute of Technology's Ohio STEM Learning Network Food Security Design Challenge for high school students, a representative from Waterman with a background in dietetics/outreach provided an introductory lecture covering the fundamentals of food security/insecurity and agriculture's role in alleviating the issue.  The students were introduced to new terms such as food security, food insecurity, hunger, and food desert.  They also learned about the prevalance of food insecurity through evidence-based statistics on a global, national, state, and county level and how new agricultural innovations in field equipment, biotechnology, distribution, and federal programming are helping to reduce food insecurity.  Our Waterman representative is very excited to have been invited back to the Metro Institute of Technology in April to help select the finalists of the design challege.