Seeking Part-time Seasonal Employees!

March 21, 2019

Job Description:

The Ohio State University’s Waterman, Agricultural and Natural Resources Laboratory is seeking student farm hands for the planting and maintenance of the various horticulture research and community garden plots, located on our 261 acre facility on West campus (Columbus).  Farm hands will assist with transplanting seedlings, mulching/laying plastic mulch, installing irrigation, fertilizing, trellising, pruning, harvesting, weeding/hoeing, and all odd jobs.

Skills and Responsibilities: (May include, but not limited to)

  • Working independently and/or with others while managing time effectively
  • Ability to work full days in ALL weather conditions and lift 50 lbs.
  • Periodic assistance with other aspects of the facility (mowing/aesthetic maintenance, organization of storage units, etc.)
  • Reporting to work on time and notifying managers of schedule changes
  • Very basic mechanical skills
  • The ability to transition between multiple tasks each day
  • When in doubt, asking questions about the task at hand

The Ideal Candidate:

Prior horticulture experience preferred, but we are willing to train driven individuals.  Above all else, we seek individuals who have an unparalleled work ethic, are open to learning, and have a genuine passion for outdoor labor.  Independent thinkers that that can manage time effectively and efficiently are valued.


Student employees are permitted to work up to 38 hrs. /week during all OSU scheduled breaks (summer, fall, winter, and spring breaks), and up to 28 hrs. /week while classes are in session.


Hourly rates for Waterman farm hands are projected to be between $10.00/hr. and $12.00/hr. A student’s rate of pay will not be based on the number of hours worked or the funding availability. The rate of pay for a student position will be determined by reviewing the following factors:

  • Prior related work experience
  • History of work experience in the department
  • Range and complexity of duties
  • Knowledge and skill requirements
  • Courses completed toward related degree
  • Equity, including the wage relationships with other student empoyees in the unit

Please send resume to

For questions, please contact: Anna Marconi

The Ohio State University

Program Coordinator and Horticulture Outreach Specialist

(330) 780-4403