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Artist's rendering of MALC aerial view

Aerial Shot of the CEARC

Artist's rendering of Education and Innovation

Multispecies Animal Learning Center (MALC)

A world-class facility on campus where students of all ages can engage in experiential learning with animal agriculture.

Controlled Environment Agriculture Research Complex (CEARC)

A new state-of-the-art facility to support interdisciplinary research in controlled environment agriculture.

Education and Innovation Center

A vibrant hub where CFAES will showcase innovations and career opportunities in food, agriculture, and environmental sciences.

Coming 2025

Opened in 2022

Coming 2026


Just Across from Carmenton

Waterman's location next door to Carmenton, the University's new innovation district, offers rare access to a wide range of innovative and creative leaders intent on solving current and future challenges. CFAES will establish a presence in the first two Carmenton projects, the Interdisciplinary Research Facility and the Energy Advancement and Innovation Center.

Carmenton will be a new home for collaborative, interdisciplinary education and outreach. The innovation district will bring private, public, and academic sectors together to exchange knowledge, understand complex problems, and develop new technologies.

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Carmenton Plaza

Carmenton Aerial