Future of Waterman

Waterman Final Rendering

Master Plan Vision

Kunz-Brundige Extension Building

  • Opened in 2019

Controlled Environment Agriculture Research Complex (CEARC)

  • Opened in 2022

Dairy Renovation

  • Coming Soon in 2025

Multispecies Animal Learning Center (MALC)

  • Coming Soon in 2025

Education and Innovation Center

  • Coming Soon in 2026

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The Waterman Agricultural and Natural Resources Laboratory is a top priority for the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences. At its core, it assists CFAES in its mission to Sustain Life. With an expanded vision, it will serve as a hub for teaching, research and engagement in the areas of food, health, agricultural production, and environmental sustainability. We see:

  • Expanded opportunities to prepare the future workforce as Ohio State students engage in hands-on learning.
  • Continuation and advancement of cutting edge research.
  • More public and community engagement around a broadly defined agriculture.

The 260 acres, on the Ohio State University campus, already hold a wide variety of natural features and facilities to support programming, including the Turfgrass Foundation Research and Education Facility, Waterman Dairy, the Honey Bee Research Lab, tillable land, a woodlot and a stream.

The college is poised to invest nearly $50 million in three new facilities:

  • The Kunz-Brundige Franklin County Extension Office, with construction beginning the summer of 2018
  • The Controlled Environment Agriculture Research Complex with a state-of-the-art greenhouse 
  • Multispecies Animal Learning Center

Dean Cathann A. Kress convened the Future of Waterman Task Force to develop a comprehensive vision for Waterman, a physical master plan, and a proposed governance structure.

Led by Graham Cochran and John Foltz, team members include Carol Anelli, Julie Fox, Elizabeth Hawkins, Tracy Kitchel, Dewey Mann, Jim Metzger, Terry Niblack, Kathy Smith, Brian Hanna, Ken Scaife, and Suzanne Steel. 

The task force gathered broad stakeholder input in April and May, from college and university faculty and staff, elected officials, neighbors, alumni, commodity groups, friends of the college and more. After these visioning sessions were held, the task force gathered the information to create the Future of Waterman Task Force Report. This report will guide decisions for a proposed masterplan and governance structure.