Join the Agricultural Revolution at Waterman

Aerial View of WatermanWaterman is a unique facility that provides opportunities in teaching, research, and community engagement. It will become a university hub for leading science and public engagement related to our food system, agriculture, and natural resources; as well as a center where many of our partners can join us to advance knowledge and industry, communicate about science, and prepare future leaders. The 261 acres are key to the future of the college, the university, Ohio, and the world. We are excited about the potential for Waterman, the momentum it can generate, and the opportunities it will offer. Join us, we sustain life.

The Waterman Agricultural and Natural Resources Laboratory, commonly referred to as Waterman, has been a priceless educational resource in agriculture and agricultural best management practices for over 100 years.

The farm was originally owned by Joseph Waterman, a prominent and well-respected pioneer and agricultural figure in Franklin County, Ohio. Anna M. Waterman, Joseph's widow, titled the property on to The Ohio State University on July 2, 1923. Since that original transfer, four smaller parcels have been added to the site bringing the total acreage to its current 261 acres.

Waterman programs have exposed thousands of people to the fundamentals of agriculture, regardless of age or experience. Research projects at Waterman address some of the most pressing concerns facing agriculture today. Its community and nutrition education gardens, dairy facility, entomology lab, turfgrass facility, and forested woodlot demonstrate hands-on experiential learning and education to everyone who stops by.  

Waterman is home to a multitude of college-credit courses encompassing agronomy, veterinary science, equipment operations, weed science, and turfgrass management. In addition to hosting agriculture conferences and instructional programs, Waterman also helps facilitate educational field trips and visitors are often treated to guided wagon tours of the facilities.

Overall, Waterman is a showcase and hub of experiential learning and innovative discovery in the areas of food, agricultural, and environmental sciences, where people build community and connect to trusted information.