1. Seeking Part-time Seasonal Employees!

    Mar 21, 2019

    Job Description:

    The Ohio State University’s Waterman, Agricultural and Natural Resources Laboratory is seeking student farm hands for the planting and maintenance of the various horticulture research and community garden plots, located on our 261 acre facility on West campus (Columbus).  Farm hands will assist with transplanting seedlings, mulching/laying plastic mulch, installing irrigation, fertilizing, trellising, pruning, harvesting, weeding/hoeing, and all odd jobs.

    Skills and Responsibilities: (May include, but not limited to)

  2. Waterman Outreach and The Ohio STEM Learning Network Food Security Design Challenge

    Feb 15, 2019

    The Waterman Agricultural and Natural Resources Laboratory takes pride in reaching out to our youth to provide education spanning a multitude of subjects and their connection to agriculture.  To help kick-off the Metro Institute of Technology's Ohio STEM Learning Network Food Security Design Challenge for high school students, a representative from Waterman with a background in dietetics/outreach provided an introductory lecture covering the fundamentals of food security/insecurity and agriculture's role in alleviating the issue.  The students were introduced to new terms such as food secur

  3. Waterman: Engaging the Campus Community

    Feb 14, 2019

    For the past 3 years Waterman has proudly served as a service-learning partner to the students participating in the Biology 1113 honors course at  the OSU.  These students, most of which have no prior agricultural experience, are invited to our facilities for exposure to agriculture, and agricultural best management practices.  Primarily, the students volunteer to assist the Waterman Team with sowing thousands of seeds in Howlett Greenhouse that will eventually be transplanted into the different community and nutrition education plots on Waterman, all the while accummulating service-learnin